Better Things


We conceptualise, design and produce things that will help your business to communicate better.

Better Things is a creative business. We’re interested in coming up with ideas and making things that will help your business to do what it does, but better.

We work primarily, but not exclusively, in the business to business, charity and education sectors, creating websites, videos, printed collateral and integrated campaigns that help our clients to communicate and promote their businesses, organisations and ideas.

Our campaign work is media neutral, which means that we can put together integrated campaigns across multiple channels. We use a mixture of new and old media, running campaigns across traditional print advertising and DM, through websites, email and social media. This means our solutions are the right ones for you: we won’t try to get you to buy into a channel that won’t work for you just because it’s the only thing we know how to do.


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We work closely with our clients to produce informative video demonstrations, presentations and promotions; engaging e-commerce, community, campaign and brochure websites; impactful brands, logos, devices and comprehensive guidelines; effective direct marketing campaigns, including sales collateral, campaign microsites, email, landing pages, postal mailers and integrated campaigns.

We take ideas from conception to distribution, and everything in between.


We work with our clients to understand their business, products and aims, so we can come up with great ideas that are then delivered to their target audience in the most appropriate way.



Whether it be brand values, a campaign copy line, story boards for an animation or wireframes for a website. Getting the conceptual stage right is key to developing effective creative.



This is where we roll out the brand identity across all agreed elements, the website design across all templates, the campaign message across all media, in the most appropriate way for your target audience.



We have in-house developers, as well as a number of tried and trusted relationships with printers, who can produce pixel perfect digital creative and high quality collateral on time and on budget.



We can arrange you mailing fulfillment, email broadcast and website hosting, efficiently and effectively, ensuring your project is seen by the right people at the right time.