Better Things

Creating an effective web presence for Beyond Analysis

The problem

Beyond Analysis had a dated site that didn’t reflect their recent rebrand and was built on an outdated and difficult to use CMS. They approached Better Things to:

Develop a content strategy that would articulate simply and clearly what Beyond Analysis do, as well as help the site with search visibility

Redesign the site to reflect the client’s recent brand refresh

Implement the site on a user-friendly CMS and ensure that every part of the site could be quickly and easily updated without requiring technical expertise

Integrate the site with the client’s social media properties.

Better Things were also asked to support Beyond Analysis’s growth by enabling them to use the website to recruit the best people in the market.

The solution

We knew that in order to make the new Beyond Analysis site standout in the competitive marketplace we had to think differently. We needed to make sure the site would remain fresh and exciting to entice visitors back on a regular basis; and to give the team at Beyond Analysis a platform to demonstrate their expertise. Making editorial content the focus of the site ensured this would happen. So we developed a content strategy that focussed on a category-driven news feed designed to show off the expertise and talent of the people behind Beyond Analysis.

We then applied Beyond Analysis’s new branding, adapting it slightly for web use with the addition of some new fonts and illustration styles, and using responsive design to ensure the site worked across a range of devices including tablet and mobile – with the floating navigation defaulting to a more traditional navigation bar at certain screen sizes.

We worked with the client to build a list of search keywords and then developed search optimised content for the entire site, and we fully integrated the site with Beyond Analysis’s social media properties, including Twitter and Facebook – pulling tweets from senior members of staff into the homepage feed using Twitter’s API and a hashtag.

Finally, we built the site on WordPress, an easy-to-use, open-source CMS and provided full user-documentation and staff training.

The result

An easy to use, easy to update website that delivers on branding and communicates exactly what Beyond Analysis are about – both in terms of what they do and their corporate culture and ethos. The site received 83% uplift in website traffic and is tracking significantly higher on a day-to-day basis for all traffic and quality indicators.

You can visit the site at www.beyondanalysis.netBeyond Analysis screengrab 1



Beyond Analysis screengrab 7

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