Better Things

Celebrating Auto Trader’s digital revolution

The problem

After 36 years of magazine production Auto Trader were moving to a fully digital offering, solely selling vehicles online. To help celebrate this they wanted to create an online game that would raise awareness of the change whilst engaging with customers in its own right.

The solution

We branded the game ‘Digital Rev-olution’ to fit in with both the digital and automotive subject matter. We then built a pairs game that required tiles containing different historic facts from the past 36 years to be matched to relevant the dates. Many of the tiles had a digital theme and each week the number of tiles increased to make the game harder to complete. Prizes were given for matching the pairs in the quickest possible time. We also produced online marketing for the new game, including emails MPUs and banners.



Digi era 1

Digi era 2

Digi era 3Digi era 4

Digi era 5

Digi era 6

Digi era 8


Digi era 9