Better Things

Nothing but commercial vehicles

The problem

Trader Media took the strategic decision to separate their commercial vehicle offering from the mainstream Auto Trader brand. They asked Better Things to help them to subtly differentiate the new offering from the existing brand – maintaining the impression of a brand family whilst giving the commercial offering its own distinct tone. The job involved developing an overarching brand tone, and look and feel for their four dedicated commercial vehicle sites. This brand identity needed to excite and engage commercial vehicle dealers across various platforms including DM, email, merchandise and press advertising.

The solution

We developed a colour palette to help separate each of the 4 channels visually, and a no-nonsense copy tone, reflecting the hard-nosed, straight-talking nature of commercial vehicle buyers and sellers, to ensure dealers understood what each of the four sites was about. To communicate the change in structure to advertising agencies, we came up with a ‘find the golden van’ promotion whereby we sent out 100 branded miniature vans in boxes to agencies, with one random golden van recipient winning a monster truck driving experience. Four new websites dedicated to commercial vehicles, four solutions that appeal directly to van, truck, plant and farm machinery dealers. Sorted.

TM Commercial Trader VAN Cover

TM Commercial Trader Truck Cover

TM Commercial Trader PLANT Cover
TM Commercial Trader FARM Cover
TM Commercial Trader VAN inner

TM Commercial Trader TRUCK inner

TM Commercial Trader FARM inner

TM Commercial Trader PLANT inner

TM Commercial Trader It's Here DM

TM Commercial Trader Delivered DM Cover
TM Commercial Trader DM Covers

TM Commercial Trader DM Inners

TM Commercial Trader DM Backs