Better Things


Raising the profile of FARE Network at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine

The problem

Our client, FARE Network, wanted to raise the profile of their anti-discrimination and education initiatives, promoting equality for all related participants, fans and officials at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine

The solution

Better Things created an informative microsite that was updated daily for the duration of the tournament with news and events that informed visitors of FARE’s activities and how they can get involved. FARE’s activities included Streetkick tournaments, Inclusive Zones that welcome fans all across Poland and Ukraine as well as a Reporting Hotline that can be used to report any discriminatory incidents.

Social media was integrated into the site so that fans could share their tournament experiences.

Click here to view the tournament site. As this is seasonal content, it may be taken down at any time, so apologies of the link is dead when you click it.


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