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Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) World TB Day Infographics

The problem

Medicins Sans Frontieres were looking to publicise a campaign around TB, to take place on World TB Day on 24th March, 2012.

The campaign, required the use of content generated by real TB patients and was to be distributed via blog posts and videos on MSF’s TB&ME site. It was important to illustrate the facts as well as integrate personal stories from patients, to highlight the impact of TB on real people, and draw attention to the scale of the problem.

The solution

MSF partnered with us to develop a series of infographics that were distributed via social media; partly to communicate using facts and figures the scale of the TB problem, and partly to drive awareness of the campaign and traffic back to the TB&ME website.

The infographics we produced covered the history, effects, treatment and scale of the problem, and were released in this sequence to unfold the full story on TB. We interspersed these facts and figures with personal stories from sufferers, as well as portraits of patients from the world over. In this way, we hoped to educate and inform our audience as well as communicate the impact of the disease on a more human level by giving faces to these statistics and figures.