Better Things


Supporting BBC’s TV educational experience online

The problem

Wide Eye Entertainment and Wellcome Trust were producing an innovative 3D animation educational experience for the BBC, telling the story of how a virus attacks a human cell, taking you on the journey from both the virus and cell’s point of view.

Better Things was asked to create an online experience that built on the TV show, by creating a website that would also become an educational resource.

The solution

Utilising the high quality, highly detailed 3D renderings and footage created for the TV show, we created a highly visual documentary website, taking a user through seven stages of the journey to the centre of a cell. Each of the seven environments contained text and video content, with video footage from the show, and narrative from industry experts. The site was designed to have strong links to the TV show but offer and additional level of information.

The site contains a ‘resource’ section for returning visitors to quickly link to on returning visits, serving as a reference resource to many, including students.

Click here to find out more about the BBC show. Click here to visit the website.