Better Things

Launching Auto Trader’s latest website

The problem

In line with Trader Media Group’s dedication to digital innovation, and after extensive research, Auto Trader realised there was a need amongst their advertisers for a dedicated environment for sales of brand new cars. They developed their New Car website – the first of its kind – specifically to give dealers and franchisees the tools they need to sell new cars to customers.

Auto Trader needed to communicate this to their dealer and franchisee advertiser base, and asked Better Things to help them do it.

The solution

Better Things developed a creative concept that focussed on the key proposition of the New Car site – the delivery of hot, ready-to-buy leads to dealers and franchisees. The central motif, showing cold, unfocussed smoke gradually concentrating into steady clear, hot beams of light was a powerful visual metaphor for this transformation. The wider tone of voice we developed was tricky: although we wanted to convey the ‘new’ aspect of both the cars available for sale on the site, and the site itself, we had to avoid becoming too premium, as new doesn’t always mean expensive.

We then rolled out the concept, warming up our audience with a pre-launch DM piece to build awareness of the new site and to pre-sell inventory and search products. We backed it up with press advertisements and cover-wraps in trade press, and then finally mailed the audience again on launch.

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