Better Things

Building a social buzz around Beyond Analysis’s new website launch

The problem

Beyond Analysis asked Better Things to come up with an online device to help generate some buzz around the launch of their new website. The device needed to bring to life Beyond Analysis’s ability to ‘unlock the power of data’ – but in a fun and engaging way. It also needed to drive awareness of the website launch, and drive traffic to Beyond Analysis’s website.

The solution

Based on the understanding of the Beyond Analysis brand that we gained during our brand discovery workshop, Better Things developed a launch campaign based around a fun social game. We developed a Twitter analyser game which allowed visitors to enter their (or their friends’, or their favourite celeb’s) Twitter username to find out what personality type they are.

The game, built as a microsite, draws on individual users’ last 20 tweets, via Twitter’s API, and scrapes them for certain keywords. We developed keyword categories associated with certain ‘personality types’ – all very tongue in cheek – and then served up the results. We then built in share tools – so that the end user could share their results page with their friends via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Traffic was driven to the game via a launch email to Beyond Analysis’s database, and a PR campaign aimed at tech and marketing trade journalists, using chocolate-based bribery – see image above. The game threw up some interesting results that gave us a great PR hook – who would have dreamed, for example, that Katie Price was 100% workaholic, or Boris Johnson 100% party animal? (Rio Ferdinand on the other hand was perhaps a little more predictable, throwing up a profile of 40% gym bunny, 20% audiophile, 20% workaholic and 20% sports fan).

The result

The game resulted in positive PR coverage of the website launch and an 83% uplift in website traffic.

Click here to play the Beyond Analysis Twitter game.

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